Seminar dedicated to 80th anniversary of Victor Matveev


On 17 December, a seminar dedicated to the 80th anniversary of JINR Scientific Leader Academician Victor Matveev will be held in the Conference Hall of the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics JINR. The beginning of the seminar is scheduled at 10:00 AM.

Programme of the seminar:

Session 1

  1. Documentary about V. A. Matveev
  2. Academician V. A. Rubakov (INP RAS) “Anomalous non-conservation of fermion numbers in dense fermion environment, chiral magnetic effect and all this stuff”
  3. RAS Corresponding Member D. I. Kazakov (JINR) “Unresolved mysteries”
  4. RAS Corresponding Member V. N. Gavrin (INP RAS) “Gallium solar neutrino experiments and the BEST experiment”
  5. Doctor of Physics and Mathematics N. V. Krasnikov (INP RAS) “Search for dark matter in the NA64 experiment”

Session 2

  1. Dr. L. Malgeri (CERN) “Recent results from the CMS detector and future perspectives” (Zoom)
  2. RAS Corresponding Member L. V. Kravchuk (INP RAS) “The accelerator complex of the INP RAS”
  3. RAS Corresponding Member V. D. Kekelidze (JINR) “The NICA megascience project”
  4. RAS Corresponding Member G. V. Domogatsky (INP RAS) “Baikal neutrino telescope” (Zoom)
  5. Candidate of Physics and Mathematics L. D. Kolupaeva (JINR) “The JINR neutrino programme”
  6. Doctor of Technical Sciences V. V. Korenkov (JINR) “The megaproject of the “Govorun” supercomputer”