Sergey Kilin, “JINR sets a good example for us”

Interview, 06 October 2022

The 132nd session of the Scientific Council was chaired by Professor Sergey Kilin. A Belarusian physicist, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Honorary Scientist of the Republic of Belarus commented on the session.

First of all, I want to highlight that despite all very difficult circumstances, the Institute continues going its own way. What happened at this session has shown that all its participants, who responded to the invitation and actively discussed reports both in the Hall and online, are interested in the fate of JINR. On the one hand, their questions and comments were critical, but at the same time concerned and delicate. Moreover, they were very smart and competent. Of course, all this will contribute even more to the further development of JINR. As a representative of Belarus, I would like to say that our country is very interested in enhancing contacts with Dubna, we have taken a few extra steps to improve this cooperation both in the fields of sufficient financing of joint projects and attracting young scientists. As for the last one, we have organized a joint JINR-RB competition of scientific papers through the Foundation for Fundamental Research. Thus, we continue developing cooperation in all directions.

New scientists have become members of the Scientific Council. A representative of Mexico took an active part in the session, representatives of South Africa and China participated as well. In addition, a vector in the development of cooperation with China is likely to be reflected in the resolution of the Scientific Council. Of course, it will be discussed further. Obviously, it is now necessary to replace missing components in the work of JINR and the Scientific Council. Watching and participating in what is happening here, I would like to say that this is how scientific organizations should act during the time we are going through. So, JINR sets a good example for us.