START: Summer Student Programme

Education, 12 May 2022

We would like to inform you that the JINR Summer Student Programme has started its work under the new name – START: STudent Advanced Research Training at JINR. The website has been updated. The Programme facilitates the process of searching for talented young specialists for interested JINR staff members. As a result, young people are invited to do a part-time internship at the Institute.

START is intended for students from all over the world, who specialise in natural sciences, engineering, and IT, starting from their 3rd year of the Bachelor course, including the Master studies, and up to the end of the 1st year of PhD studies.

The Programme runs all year round. The calendar year is divided into 2 sessions: Summer Session (students’ applications are accepted from January to March) and Winter Session (students’ applications are accepted from July to October). Participants may come to JINR within two time periods: from July to November and from January to June. Supervisors agree upon the dates of students’ stay in Dubna individually. The recommended duration of each stay is 6-8 weeks. The START organizing committee is responsible for the paperwork and information support of participants.

Please, pay attention that you can log in on the START website ( using the same login and password that you use on the INTEREST website (, if you are also a supervisor in the INTEREST programme. In this case, please log in to and provide additional information to your account. If you are not registered on the INTEREST website, please register as a Supervisor on by clicking +Supervisor in the upper right corner and filling out your account.

To invite a Student to participate in START, it is required to:

  1. Starting from 5 May 2022, log in to with your password, open the section “Sessions”, select “Summer Session 2022”, and consider the applicants’ profiles. To make the selection procedure more convenient, there is a possibility of sorting the information by country, name, scientific field. By pressing the button “Hide”, you can permanently remove the applicant from the list displayed to you.
  2. By 20 May 2022, complete the selection of your students by clicking the button “Invite” next to the name of one or two applicants.
  3. Receive the official approval of the person responsible for finances in your laboratory in order to cover the student(s)’ per diems per each day of their stay at JINR.
  4. Wait for the final approval of the selected applicant(s) by the START Team.

After 20 May 2022, all students with invitations will get access to the profiles of the supervisors who selected them. They will need to contact supervisors through their personal account on the website to confirm their willingness to participate in the Programme.

Note: the website of the START programme is under development. If you find any malfunctions, please report this to the Team via