Summer Computer School “Data Science Dubna-2019”

Education, 02 July 2019

The Summer Computer School “Data Science Dubna-2019”, which will be held on 6 – 13 July 2019, is organized by the Laboratory of Information Technologies of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna State University, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, the voluntary association “Center for the Development of Innovative Territorial Clusters in Dubna” with the participation of the Special Economic Zone “Dubna” and the Consortium “IT-education – XXI century”.

The main goal of the School is to acquaint young scientists, postgraduate students and students with modern methods of Big Data analytics, machine learning, and high-performance computing systems.

The Summer Computer School “Data Science Dubna-2019” will be held at Dubna State University. The School programme is aimed at covering the following topics: Big Data analytics, distributed and high-performance computing, information processing systems and data lakes for mega-science projects, methods and algorithms of machine learning, quantum and soft computing, digital transformation and modern IT education.

Leading scientists of Russian universities, national research centres and international scientific organizations will be teachers of the School. Apart from lectures, there will be training sessions and tutorials. A hackathon will be held together with the company “Videointellect”. Excursions to the Laboratory of Information Technologies and the Laboratory of High Energy Physics of JINR, where an accelerator complex of the NICA megaproject is being built, as well as to the SEZ “Dubna”, are planned for the School participants.

About 100 students, postgraduate students, young scientists and professors from 20 leading universities of different regions of Russia, including Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Belgorod, Tver, Tomsk, Samara, Stavropol, etc., will take part in the School.

More information is available on the School’s website.