Supercomputer “Govorun” is in top-thirty of IO500 international rating

News, 19 November 2020

At the SC20 International Supercomputing Conference held online these days, a new issue of the IO500 world rating of the most high-performance systems for data storage of the HPC class. It included three supercomputer systems produced by the RSC company, a leading Russian developer of solutions for high-performance computing, data processing centres, cloud platforms and data storage systems.

It regards to the following: the MVS-10P (Joint Supercomputer Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, JSCC RAS), which was selected for the rating for the first time for 18th place, the supercomputer “Govorun” (22nd place, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research), and the Polytechnic RSC Tornado supercomputer (28th place in the rating, St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University). The previous IO500 rating included two RSC supercomputers.

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