SUSU and LRB developing system for analysing behaviour patterns of laboratory animals

News, 26 July 2023

On 24 July, a delegation of the South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk) headed by Rector Alexander Vagner visited JINR. During the visit, a work meeting on the problems of developing automation systems for processing the results of behavioural experiments with laboratory animals took place.

At the meeting with JINR Director Grigory Trubnikov, the team from Chelyabinsk presented the bright results of the project carried out within the framework of the agreement on scientific cooperation between JINR and SUSU. The teams of SUSU and LRB JINR are jointly developing the software product called Intellectual System of Behavioural Patterns Analysis. For several months of cooperation, a prototype of software based on neural network algorithms for automated video data processing was created. The data were obtained as a result of behavioural experiments with small laboratory animals using specialised stands, including detection and classification of specific behavioural patterns. The created software will make it possible to significantly reduce the labour intensity of data processing of radiobiological experiments conducted by LRB JINR for the purpose of studying the mechanisms of action of ionising radiation on the central nervous system and the development of neurodegenerative diseases.

After discussing the results of the project, the parties signed an act on the status of completed works. The parties outlined steps to upgrade and promote the software product being developed, which may be of interest to a wide range of organizations working in the field of biology, medicine, and pharmaceutical testing. The University and the Institute agreed to further strengthen and expand interdisciplinary scientific cooperation, organize scientific and educational events involving students and postgraduates.