The best Egyptian students were selected for the International Student Practice

Education, 25 July 2017

On Saturday, 22 July 2017, in total 247 Egyptian students of different specialties (physics, nuclear engineering, chemistry, biology etc), who had applied for participation in the 3rd stage of the International Student Practice which will be held in the JINR University Centre on 10 – 30 September, were interviewed in the headquarters of the Egyptian Academy of Sciences and Technology (ASRT) in Cairo. The main purpose of the interview was to select students qualified to perform scientific projects in the frames of the Practice; and the most successful of them will be able to participate in joint research projects in the future.

The total number of applicants was twice the rate of the previous year, however the number of vacancies increased only slightly –30 Egyptian students could come to Dubna. In order to perform such a severe contest, several selection committees were arranged, each interviewed 15 applicants after approximately one-third of them had been screened out according to formal criteria.

It is the ninth time, Egypt sends students to the International Student Practice in JINR starting from 2009, when a cooperation Agreement was signed. Providing access for young Egyptian scientists to the modern research infrastructure of JINR is one of the objectives of the roadmap for cooperation development, which was initiated at the 7th session of the Joint Coordination Committee, held in March 2017 in Cairo.