Oleg V. Belov became a laureate of the Governor’s Award

News, 15 December 2017

Subsequent to the resolution № 380-РГ of 12th December 2017 of the Governor of the Moscow Region, a list of winners of the prize “In the fields of science and innovations for young scientists and specialists” was approved. Annually 15 Governor’s prizes “In the fields of science and innovations” are awarded. Prizes consist of a reward of 700 thousand rubles and a certificate of the winner.

“Award laureates of this year are 12 young scientists and 3 teams from 9 municipalities of the Moscow region including 6 science cities. The fact that all the research topics have practical value is the most important,” – Denis Butsaev, Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Region Government, MR Minister of Investments and Innovations, noted.

Deputy Director of the Science Organization and International Cooperation Office of JINR Oleg Valerievich Belov became a laureate of “the Governor’s award in the fields of science and innovations – 2017” for his work “Study of neurochemical mechanisms behind radiation effects in the central nervous system”. Based on the studies performed, an approach is proposed to assess the effect of ionizing radiation on brain functions, which combines experimental and computation techniques. The recovering ability of brain regions is revealed after the radiation exposure. Computer programs and mathematical models are developed that allow studying the earliest stages of radiation damage to neural cells inaccessible for experimental techniques.

Possible practical application of the obtained results is in their potential use for improving brain radiotherapy and radiosurgery methods, and predicting long-term neurophysiology outcomes of therapeutic irradiation. The obtained results can be used in assessing the ergonomic risk for spacecraft crews in outer space missions, where issues of radiation damage to the central nervous system are considered as a significant limiting factor.

We congratulate Oleg V. Belov on receiving the Governor’s Award!