The magnet yoke of the MPD facility assembled

News, 30 December 2020

On 25 December 2020, according to the preliminary work plan, the check assembly of the magnet yoke of the solenoid spectrometric magnet of the MPD setup at the NICA complex has been successfully completed: the final upper plate No. 28 was installed.

It should be reminded that installation of the magnetic system – the main unit of the MPD facility – started by the team headed by Nikolay Topilin in July 2020. The assembly of the magnet’s yoke was suspended at the initiative of Italian specialists as far as it was necessary for them to make sure in the possibility of ensuring the required accuracy. Later on, as they came to Dubna and carried out control measurements, they were convinced that it is possible and gave a confident “go-ahead” to complete the installation.

The magnet yoke is assembled and ready for integration with the superconducting solenoid the arrival from Italy of which was widely covered in the Russian media. Final measurements of the geometry of the magnet yoke demonstrated once again high accuracy of the production of plates and support rings, as well as their assembly into a single whole.

Photos by Igor Lapenko