Traditional visit of German school students

News, 19 June 2018

The 16th traditional visit to JINR of students from the John F. Kennedy Berlin School took place on 12 – 13 June 2018. This year, 15 students and 2 teachers visited the Museum of History of Science and Technology of JINR, the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics, the Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics, and the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions.

The introduction to JINR started at the Museum where the students were told about the main stages of the Institute development and were shown around the “History”, “Future”, and “Experimentarium” exhibition halls.

The programme of the visit was continued by FLNP researcher Ch. Scheffzuek who gave an excursion around the experimental hall of the IBR-2 reactor, and the FLNP Deputy Director O. Culicov told the guests about the facility for neutron activation analysis “REGATA”.

In the Laboratory of High Energy Physics, a Junior Researcher K. Roslon delivered an introductory lecture on the NICA project that is being constructed and the history of the Synchrophasotron, gave an excursion to the Nuclotron and the BM@N facility, demonstrated the model of MPD. An engineer O. Kazinova showed the guests around the hall of assembly and testing of superconducting magnets for the future accelerator.

The visit was concluded by the visit to the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions where FLNR Deputy Director A.G. Popeko delivered a traditional lecture on the synthesis of superheavy elements. Then, Head of the Group A.Voinov showed to the guests the SHE-factory that is under construction yet and the operating accelerator IC-100. O. Orelovich explained operating principles of an electronic microscope and demonstrated it.