Valery Shvetsov presented JINR neutron research at Expo 2020

News, 19 January 2022

On 18 January, Director of the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics JINR Valery Shvetsov performed at the panel discussion “Nuclear Technologies for the Future” at Expo 2020, where he gave a talk about the use of extracted neutron beams for fundamental and applied research at the IBR-2 reactor, the potential of the facility for the world scientific community, and the development of cooperation within the MBIR project.

Valery Shvetsov presented the IBR-2 research reactor, its operating principle, and the experimental programme of the complex of spectrometers at the extracted channels of the reactor. “The peculiarity of our research reactor is that it allows studying the internal structure of objects at the levels of a nucleus of an atom to nanostructures and crystals,” said the FLNP Director. Valery Shvetsov also noted the advanced User Programme of the reactor, within which scientists from all over the world biannually submit applications for beam time at 16 out of 20 experimental facilities of the reactor. The international Expert Committee reviews all applications. Among the research areas of the basic facility, the speaker highlighted nanoscale physics, physics of soft condensed matter, physics and chemistry of functional materials, as well as complex liquids and polymers. Moreover, research is carried out in the following engineering areas: the study of functional materials, non-destructive control of residual stress of materials using diffractometers, structural analysis of geomaterials and structural materials, the study of electrochemical properties of lithium batteries in real-time using neutron scattering methods, etc.

Overall, about 500 scientific experiments per year are performed at IBR-2, more than 200 of them are conducted by external users,” the speaker highlighted.

The panel discussion covered the topic of innovative nuclear technologies. The discussion provided information about the Framework for Irradiation Experiments (FIDES) and the experimental capabilities of Rosatom for the development of nuclear technologies of the future as well. Participants got acquainted with the development of fast reactors in China, the Korean sodium-cooled fast reactor programme. Speakers gave talks on the status of the Japanese nuclear power system and fast reactors development as well as the European project Allegro and the South African HTGR project.

Construction of a unique MBIR research facility in Russian Dimitrovgrad gained special attention at the event. It should be noted that JINR joined the implementation of this project in October 2021 by signing a cooperation agreement on the creation of an international research centre based on the MBIR reactor.

The discussion took place within a week of nuclear-themed events “Breakthrough Technologies for a Sustainable Future” organized on 17 – 24 January 2022 by the State Corporation “Rosatom” at Expo 2020 in Dubai (UAE). The aim of the programme of the theme week is to draw attention to a wide range of technologies, including the latest nuclear innovations aimed at improving the quality of life and helping to tackle global social, economic, and environmental challenges. The moderator of the discussion was Alexander Zagornov, MBIR Project Director, International Projects Department of the State Corporation Rosatom.

The world universal exhibition EXPO is the largest international event in which participating countries present themselves to the world and establish a dialogue. Participants showcase the latest developments in technology and science, cultural achievements, new architectural masterpieces, and, in recent years, initiatives in solving global problems.