Video: NICA collider assembly progress

News, 21 March 2022

Assembly of the collider ring is in full swing at the NICA accelerator complex in the Laboratory of High Energy Physics JINR.

The cryostats are being placed in the tunnel of the collider, inside of which dipole modules are being installed and hung up. “The next step will be to place dipole modules at the optical axis of the accelerator and then connect them through current, helium, nitrogen communications, as well as the beam chamber,” Artem Galimov said, Deputy Head of the Scientific and Experimental Department of Superconducting Magnets and Technologies VBLHEP JINR. The scientist commented on the works left to be done before conducting a series of technological tests of the accelerator.

In total, there will be about 300 magnets of various types in the 503 m long tunnel of the collider. The first magnetic module was installed in the tunnel in December 2021.

NICA collider assembly progress