VII Summer School “Physics. Mathematics. IT” taking place with JINR participation at University “Dubna”

News, 20 July 2023

On 16 July, the State University “Dubna” hosted an opening of the VII Summer School “Physics. Mathematics. IT”. The university and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research were the co-organizers of the event. The School gathered 60 senior pupils from 26 cities of Russia. During ten days of the event, its participants will get acquainted with university teachers, scientists, engineers, IT specialists, visit the JINR laboratories and the NICA Collider, learn about what projects trainees and graduates of the university are working on. In addition, schoolchildren will have to work on scientific projects under the guidance of the best theoretical physicists, nuclear physicists, electronics engineers, biophysicists, geophysicists, web developers, analysts, data security and mathematical modelling specialists.

Participants immerse themselves in the academic environment of the University “Dubna”, get acquainted with the disciplines that students study, increase their knowledge in physics, mathematics, and IT. During their studies, they have a unique opportunity to visit the largest international scientific centre the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and see with their own eyes how the largest scientific projects of a global scale are being implemented.

A school day consists of classes on the analysis of non-standard tasks, workshops, popular science lectures from JINR and Promtech Corporation employees, group work on small experimental tasks. Evening is an extracurricular time for a busy creative sports life and active communication.

Traditionally, during the “equator” of the School, on 22 July, the university will host the quest “Physics on the Volga”. Students will carry out various tasks, try themselves in scientific puzzles, and perform experiments.

This year, for the first time, participants will visit the Dubna companies of the Promtech Corporation, where specialists manufacture various components for ground and underwater equipment, develop and produce the largest projects of the Russian aircraft and space industry. In particular, students will have a visit to a company OKB “Aerospace Systems”.

Many children take part in the School more than once, and then enter the State University “Dubna”, becoming young scientists and engineers. Vasily Belyakov and Yulia Vasenmiller, the heads of the Summer School, will speak about this by their example.

More than 100 people participated in the event this year:

  • 60 schoolchildren of the 10th – 11th forms from 26 cities (Moscow and the Moscow Region, Tolyatti, St. Petersburg, Syktyvkar, Vologda, Volgograd, Voronezh, Krasnodar, Penza, Izhevsk, etc.);
  • 23 students;
  • 18 School’s leaders, namely teachers, young scientists, engineers.

The School will last until 26 July.