Visit of Romanian TV journalists

News, 05 October 2017

On 4 October 2017, JINR was visited by a delegation of representatives of the National Romanian TV channels TVR and TVR International. TVR was represented by the chief editor Liviu Iurea and the cameraman Adriana Iurea. On behalf of the Romanian channel TVR International, the delegation included the producer Ana Preda and the cameraman Claudiu Petringenaru. The delegation arrived in Dubna to make records in JINR with the aim at preparing news for TVR and a movie for TVR International about JINR as a whole and the activity of the Romanian scientists in JINR.

The acquaintance of the Romanian journalists with the Joint Institute started with a meeting with JINR Director Academician Victor Mateev. On the JINR side, the meeting was also attended by Deputy Director of the Laboratory of Information Technologies, Head of the Romanian national group in JINR Gheorghe Adam. V.A. Matveev warmly welcomed the Romanian guests, stressing the role of Romania as a country-founder of the Institute, which has brought a significant contribution to the formation and the development of the JINR.

In recognizance of the merits of the Romanian scientists to the JINR development, on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Joint Institute, the Committee of the Member States Plenipotentiary Representatives decided on 25 March 1996 to name alleys on the Institute laboratory grounds in honour of the eminent scientists Horia Hulubei and Șerban Țițeica.

During the meeting at the Directorate the Romanian journalists received detailed information on questions of interest on the scientific cooperation between JINR and Romania, the participation of Romanian scientists in the scientific activities of the Institute, about applied research done in the Institute and its actual use. Special interest presented the Medical-Technical Complex of JINR and the possibility to record a real-time session of proton therapy.

Within the rich program of acquaintance with JINR, the Romanian journalists, accompanied by Gheorghe Adam, made a sightseeing tour of the laboratories of the Institute. The acquaintance started at the LNP area. In the Laboratory of Information Technologies, the Multifunctional Information and Computing Centre of JINR was visited. The next was the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems, where a real-time treatment at the proton therapy center was recorded. The first half of the day ended with the visit of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions. The Deputy Director of the Laboratory, A.G. Popeko presented the world’s first “Factory of superheavy elements” centered about the new accelerator DC-280 and spoke about the achievements and discoveries of JINR in the synthesis of super heavy elements. In the afternoon, the guests visited the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics (FLNP) and the IBR-2 reactor the work of which was presented by the FLNP Director Valeri Shvetsov. Under his guidance and of the FLNP Deputy Director Otilia Culicov, the IBR-2 detectors at which the Romanian scientists bring significant contributions were visited. Head of the Department of Neutron Investigations of Condensed Matter Denis Kozlenko gave an overview of the important cooperation with Romanian scientists and of their contribution to the FLNP development. The acquaintance with JINR ended at VBLHEP area with the visit of the Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics, where the Romanian guests got acquainted with the accelerator complex NICA, found under construction, with the factory of superconducting magnets, and learned about the participation of Romanian scientists in this mega-science project. At the end of the visit, the Romanian journalists met the Romanian national group, where they further learned about the scientific research of the Romanian scientists at JINR and about their lives in Dubna.

Photo by Igor Lapenko