Visit of students from Berlin

News, 07 June 2019

On 3 – 4 June 2019, high-school students from the John F. Kennedy School, Berlin, visited JINR.

JINR museum staff member A. E. Zlotnikova introduced to students the history of the Institute, its development, its main achievements, and future plans. Experiments demonstrated by K. E. Kozubskiy in the Experimentarium hall proved that, apart from being interesting, Physics can be fascinating and entertaining.

The first place to be visited at the Institute was the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics. FLNP researchers Ch. Scheffzuek and M. V. Bulavin presented facilities in the experimental hall of the IBR-2 reactor where they conduct their research.

Students took part in a workshop supervised by I. A. Lomachenkov; then DLNP researchers A. V. Rybnikov and A. I. Antoshkin showed to guests the control room of the NOvA experiment and the laboratory for testing photomultipliers for neutrino experiments.

An exciting lecture on accelerators of the XXI century was given by N. E. Sidorov, and P. D. Semchukov presented the project «Virtual Laboratory of Nuclear Fission». In addition to introductory lectures, students gained the first-hand experience practising at the experimental equipment under the supervision of N. E. Sidorov, P. D. Semchukov, and Prof. Yu. A. Panebratsev. Students were acquainted with the basics of electrical signals measurement, learned about the operation of a semiconductor, scintillation detectors, and a scintillation telescope for cosmic rays.

At the end of the visit, guests were welcomed in the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions where FLNR Deputy Director A. G. Popeko gave a lecture on the synthesis of superheavy elements. Afterwards, A. A. Voinov presented to students the cyclotron DC-280 at the Superheavy Element Factory. O. L. Orelovich guided a tour to the FLNR nano-research centre, explained and demonstrated the operation principles of the electronic microscope.