Vladikavkaz and Dubna discussed cooperation on basis of NICA project

News, 05 April 2023

A large workshop “NICA Accelerator Complex: problems and prospects 2023” took place in North Ossetia. Participants discussed the NICA Megascience Project and the results of commissioning at the Accelerator Complex in 2020 – 2023. The Joint Institute and the North Ossetian State University named after K. L. Khetagurov co-organized the meeting. NOSU students had the opportunity to join the event as well.

Specialists of the Joint Institute made reports on all the main systems of the NICA Complex and talked about setting up their work during the fourth commissioning run, which was a record in the history of the project. Participants of the event had the opportunity to learn about JINR and its research areas. General educational reports were made about the history of the NICA Project, its difference from other colliders. In addition to reports and lectures, the programme of the meeting included excursions to NOSU and Vladikavkaz Technological Centre BASPIK.

Photos by NOSU press office

“JINR is implementing a unique megaproject of a supranational, international level. And it is right that major universities should be involved in this project. That is why, we have agreed with the North Ossetian State University to hold this event and attract students of specialised faculties to it. We have told each other about the tasks. Cooperation has been established during the live discussions between the reports. This is how we are building new scientific bridges between Dubna and Vladikavkaz,” JINR Director Grigory Trubnikov commented on the meeting. According to the JINR Director, JINR gives NOSU students the opportunity to join the world science and work together with colleagues from the JINR Member States at unique facilities that have no analogues.

Active cooperation has already been established in radiation biology, proton therapy, and ecology between NOSU and the Institute for Nuclear Research. Work with the Faculty of Physics and Technology, the Faculty of Chemistry, Biology, and Biotechnology, the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies became promising areas. The Information Centre at NOSU, the first in the network of the JINR Information Centres, has become an example of effective work and shows the activity of the Joint Institute.