Winners of the Youth JINR Prize Competition

Grants, 05 December 2018

On 4 December 2018, the JINR Prize Competition for young scientists and specialists for 2018 was held. Winners of section meetings of the conferences and schools «AYSS-2018», «Alushta-2018», «Falling Walls Lab Dubna 2018» participated in the competition.

The jury chaired by JINR Chief Scientific Secretary A.S. Sorin was represented FLNP Deputy Director O. Culicov, VBLHEP Deputy Director Yu.K. Potrebenikov, FLNR Senior Researcher Yu.L. Parfenova, Head of the LRB group V.N. Chausov, LIT Senior Researcher O.Yu. Derenovskaya, BLTP Senior Researcher V.L. Katkov, Chairman of AYSS JINR A.Yu. Verkheev.

The winners are:

  • In the section “Scientific and research theoretical work”

    1st prize – Andrei Pikelner (BLTP)
    2nd prize – Artem Roenko (BLTP)
    3rd prize – Vahagn Abgaryan (LIT)

  • In the section “Scientific and research experimental work”

    2nd prize – Faig Akhmadov (VBLHEP)
    2nd prize – Regina Kozhina (LRB)
    2nd prize – Mikhalina Milevich-Zalewska (FLNR)

  • In the section “Scientific-research and scientific-technical work”

    1st prize – Nikolay Voytishin (LIT)
    1st prize – Andrei Sheshukov (DLNP)
    2nd prize – Alexey Boitsov (VBLHEP)
    3rd prize – Andrei Shemchuk (VBLHEP)

  • In the section “Scientific and technical applied work”

    2nd prize – Meir Erdauletov (FLNP)
    3rd prize – Inga Zinkovskaya (FLNP)

We congratulate the winners and wish them new scientific achievements!

The reports of participants of the competition can be found via the link.