Yandex Lyceum welcomes back Dubna students

Education, 22 August 2023

On 14 August, the enrolment for the new academic year for the full-time Python programming course started at the Yandex Academy Lyceum based at the Academician G. N. Flerov Lyceum No. 6. The training programme is suitable for high school, college, and technical school students. The Lyceum does not charge tuition fees.

The Yandex Lyceum project was launched in Dubna in 2019. The implementation of the programme was preceded by the joint work of Yandex, the Physics and Mathematics Open Classroom of Dubna, Lyceum No. 6, and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, which actively supports the project. In 2021, Dubna schoolchildren became the first graduates of Yandex Lyceum in the city and received certificates of successful completion of the course.

The course programme covers the basic concepts, structures, and libraries of Python. Students will master popular tools and get acquainted with the basics of object-oriented programming. As a result, they will grasp the fundamentals of Python and learn how to make predictions, build graphs, and carry out data analysis. The training programme is divided into two parts, each of them lasting for a year. During the first year of the course, students of the Lyceum will learn the theory and study techniques in practical work. The second year will be devoted to educational projects.

Yandex Academy Lyceum teachers are industry experts who will help trainees master complex topics.

Training at the Lyceum is suitable for 8th – 11th year school students, as well as college and technical school students. It is important that applicants are interested in information technologies and have a good understanding of the basics of computer science.

New online courses are also available at the Lyceum:

  • a one-year Go course, a fast and productive programming language that is in demand in the IT industry;
  • specialisations in game development, data analysis, machine learning, Django web development, and other areas.

For those who have already completed Yandex Lyceum’s Python courses, online courses will be a natural continuation of education and will help develop skills to the level of junior developers. Graduates of full-time courses have advantages in the selection of applicants for certain specialisations.

Training at Yandex Lyceum is completely free of charge. Find more information about all courses and admission on the website.

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