Young scientists from Egypt came to JINR for annual practice

Education, 16 May 2023

On 16 May, the first stage of the International Student Practice of the JINR University Centre started at JINR. Young specialists from the Arab Republic of Egypt came to the Institute for a three-week training programme. The participants will have a varied educational and cultural programme, as well as work on scientific projects.

The International Student Practice in JINR Fields of Research traditionally takes place in three stages during the year and includes a three-week programme with excursions to JINR, lectures, and practucal work in the laboratories. The training programme is aimed at building awareness of the opportunities of studying and conducting scientific research at JINR and attracting talented young scientists and specialists from the JINR Member States to work at the Institute.

The programme of the first week of the International Student Practice is educational. It includes a number of lectures, as well as visits to the “JINR Main Facilities” interactive exhibition and the laboratories of the Institute. In addition, the participants will go on an excursion to Moscow. The second and the third weeks are devoted to the work of the training programme participants on projects in laboratories under the supervision of JINR specialists. The topics of student practice projects include life sciences, radiology, theoretical physics, computing and machine learning, biophysics, and particle physics. At the end of the course, all participants will present the results of their research and defend their projects.

Director of the JINR University Centre Dmitry Kamanin shared his impressions about the start of the training programme, “What makes this practice special is that more than 20 actively, in fact, working young scientists have returned to the “student’s bench”. They arrived at JINR with three mentors, our long-standing colleagues and friends. We hope that the participants will continue to cooperate with JINR after the practice, and in future we will continue to work with them, implementing new ideas and projects. We wish the participants of the training programme and mentors from Egypt to spend interesting and fruitful time!”

The practice will last until 2 June. The working language of the event is English.