The 10th School for teachers of physics at CERN

Education, 04 November 2017

The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research jointly with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) holds the 10th scientific School for teachers of physics from the JINR Member States on 5 – 12 November 2017.

A group of physics teachers from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine will spend at CERN a week filled with an intense and exciting programme which includes lectures, meetings with physicists in a working and informal atmosphere, excursions, Q&A sessions. The participants will have the opportunity to visit the experimental facilities of the Large Hadron Collider, such as CMS, ATLAS, LEIR, as well as the CERN Control Centre (CCC), the SM-18 facility for testing magnets at low temperatures and the factory of antimatter. The School participants will be acquainted with the AMS experiment that is the first large magnetic spectrometer operating in space and with the first CERN accelerator, the SC synchrocyclotron that became history. The School’s programme also includes visits to the famous CERN’s interactive exhibition Microcosm, educational and the S Cool Lab hands-on particle physics learning laboratory and the Globe media centre. Lectures and excursions will be held by staff members of CERN, JINR and other Russian scientific organizations whose staff members work at CERN. Beside the educational programme of the School, participants will have a sightseeing tour to Geneva and a day of free time at the end of the School which they can spend at their discretion.

Since 2006, CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva) has been organizing national programmes for school teachers of physics. More than 1000 teachers from many countries participate every year in various events.

Since 2009, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research jointly with the European Organization for Nuclear Research has been holding scientific schools for Russian teachers of physics which can also be attended by teachers from all the JINR Member States.

The participants of the 9th School for teachers of physics from JINR Member States at CERN, 2016