Report on Participation in AIC-144, SC-200, SC-230 Projects


Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems

Joint Laboratory Seminar

Date and Time: Tuesday, 9 November 2021, at 11:00 AM

Venue: Online conference on Zoom

Seminar topic: “Report on Participation in the AIC-144, SC-200, SC-230 Projects”

(Joint Work of DLNP, VBLHEP, MLIT, FLNR)

Speaker: I. N. Kiyan


The multipurpose isochronous cyclotron AIC-144 is located at the INP PAS (Krakow, Poland) and is intended both for proton therapy of eye melanoma and for carrying out physical experiments.

The results and the current state of work on the modernization of the AIC-144 beam transportation line are presented: new turn magnets M1 and M2. The automated control system (ACS) for measuring Smith-Garren curves for a “warm” cyclotron (AIC-144) is presented.

The SC-200 superconducting isochronous cyclotron was created at the IPP CAS (Ion Medical and Technical Devices Co., Ltd.) (Hefei, China) and is intended for proton therapy of cancerous tumors. The SC-230 superconducting isochronous cyclotron project is being developed at JINR (Dubna, Russia) with the purpose of providing proton therapy of cancer tumors.

The ACS for measuring Smith-Garren curves for a “superconducting” cyclotron (SC-200, SC-230) is presented. The program and results of measuring the beam current from the three-lamellar probe to three picoammeters are presented. This program helps to correct the Br component of the magnetic field of the AIC-144 isochronous cyclotron.

The technique of isochronization of the cyclotron magnetic field is presented. This technique is based on the use of measured Smith-Garren curves and the calculation of the beam dynamics.

Record of seminar by I. N. Kiyan, 09.11.21