126th session of the JINR Scientific Council

Organization, 18 September 2019

On 19 September 2019, the 126th session of the JINR Scientific Council chaired by Prof. C. Borcea will be launched in the International Conference Hall. JINR Director Academician V. A. Matveev will make an overview report on the major events of the Institute.

Members of the Scientific Council will discuss preparation of the draft of the Strategic plan for the long-term development of JINR:

  • particle physics, including neutrino physics, astrophysics, high-energy physics at large-scale international facilities (D. V. Naumov);
  • relativistic heavy-ion physics and spin physics (R. Tsenov);
  • nuclear physics at low and intermediate energies, including nuclear chemistry, nuclear astrophysics, atomic physics (A. V. Karpov);
  • condensed matter physics and neutron nuclear physics (A. I. Ioffe);
  • radiobiology, including astrobiology (E. A. Nasonova);
  • information technologies, including Big Data, high-performance computing (N. N. Voytishin).

On the first day of the Session, participants will visit the Laboratory of High Energy Physics where JINR Vice-Director, VBLHEP Director V. D. Kekelidze will present the NICA Computing Centre.

I. Tserruya, M. G. Itkis, and D. L. Nagy will present recommendations of the JINR Programme Advisory Committees taken at the meetings in June 2019 to members of the Scientific Council.

The first day of the Session will be concluded by a closed meeting at which the elections of VBLHEP and LRB directors will be held.

The second day of the Session will be opened with reports by young scientists recommended by the PACs. L. D. Kolupaeva, D. Berikov, and T. V. Tropin will present their research.

Moreover, V. Cavasinni will deliver the report “The Bruno Pontecorvo Centre in Pisa: status and future collaboration with JINR”.

Award of the B. Pontecorvo Prize to F. Halzen (the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the USA; Head of the IceCube project) will be presented by V. A. Matveev and A. G. Olshevsky.

The programme of the Session also includes the presentation of diplomas to the winners of JINR annual prizes for the best papers in the fields of scientific research, instruments and methods, and applied research. The general discussion and adoption of the Resolution will traditionally conclude the Session of the JINR Scientific Council.

  Programme of the 126th session of the Scientific Council