13th International Workshop in memory of Professor V.P.Sarantsev

News, 03 September 2019

From 3 to 8 September 2019, the 13th International Scientific Workshop «Problems of Colliders and Charged Particle Accelerators. Applied Researches on Accelerators» organized in memory of Professor V. P. Sarantsev is held in the resort hotel of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Alushta.

Organizers of the event are the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, the Institute of Nuclear Physics SB RAS, the Scientific Council for the problems of charged particles accelerators of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The Workshop is aimed to encourage the information exchange and discussion of issues in the fields of accelerator science and technologies, physics of beams of charged particles, the development of new projects of lepton and hadron colliders, modernization of operating facilities, the use of accelerators for scientific and applied aims. The Workshop attracts young scientists to solve the problems of accelerating technologies. The Workshop has been held in Alushta since 2005.

Reporters represent the largest accelerator centres of Russia, such as INP SB RAS (Novosibirsk), JINR (Dubna), ITEP (Moscow), IPCE RAS (Moscow), INP RAS (Moscow), MSU (Moscow), NRC “Kurchatov Institute” (Moscow), MEPhI (Moscow), high-tech organizations Millab and Research and Production Enterprise “Toriy” (Moscow), NSU (Novosibirsk), LPI PTC (Protvino), St. Petersburg State University, SRCEPE (St. Petersburg), INR (Troitsk), as well as IFIN-HH, NRC NP (Bucharest).

Topics of the Workshop:

  • Projects of ultra-high energy colliders
  • Modern ion accelerators and colliders
  • Circular electron-positron colliders
  • Generation of coherent radiation of free-electron lasers
  • Dynamics of beams of charged particles
  • New methods of acceleration
  • Accelerators for applied purposes

It is planned to publish selected reports of the Workshop (on the proposal of the Programme Committee) in the journal “PEPAN Letters” (Particles and Nuclei, Letters). Proceedings are published in Russian and English.