Opening of the JINR exhibition in the University of the Western Cape

News, 02 March 2016

The South Africa-JINR Education and Research Collaboration Workshop was held in the University of the Western Cape (UWC) on 29 February – 1 March 2016. A JINR delegation, consisting of Dmitry Kamanin (JINR International Cooperation Department), Alexander Karpov, Vladimir Skuratov, Yuri Kochnev (Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions), Elena Karpova (JINR University Centre), participated in the Workshop. On the side of the RSA scientific leadership were Daniel Adams and Charles Mokonoto from the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Sepo Hachigonta from the National Research Foundation (NRF). Coordinator of RSA-JINR Joint Projects on Applied Nuclear Technology Professor Leslie Petrik from UWC coordinated the preparations for the Workshop.

Over 70 participants, who represented, in addition to UWC, 6 more RSA universities, took part in the Workshop. UWC Deputy Vice-Chancellor on International Cooperation Ramesh Bharuthram opened the Workshop. More than twenty scientific papers were devoted to the results of joint projects with JINR. Reports were presented by project leaders as well as by young researchers from UWC, other RSA universities and the cyclotron laboratory iThemba LABS. The delivered reports reflected the majority of the topics of RSA-JINR joint projects.

The highlight of this workshop was the opening of the exhibition dedicated to JINR and its cooperation with the RSA. Dmitry Kamanin, Ramesh Bharuthram, Daniel Adams made welcoming speeches at the ceremonial opening of the exhibition. In his speech, UWC Dean of Natural Sciences, Professor Michael Davies-Coleman warmly thanked JINR for the organization of the exhibition and assured the audience that the exposition will be permanently placed in the Department of Physics and will serve as the core for further informing of the University students and professors about JINR and joint projects. The opening of the exhibition was attended by Zeblon Vilakazi, Member of the JINR Programme Advisory Committee for Nuclear Physics, WITS Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research and Postgraduate Affairs.

It is planned that similar events and exhibitions will be held in other RSA universities in the frames of the preparation of the RSA-JINR Forum “10 years together” which will be held in Pretoria at the end of November 2016.

After the Workshop, a working meeting of the RSA-JINR Secretariat with participation of representatives of DST and NRF was held.