The 15th Markov Readings

News, 08 May 2018

The 15th International Conference “Markov Readings” will be held on 16 May 2018 in Moscow.

It is an annual event on topical issues of fundamental and applied physics dedicated to the memory and scientific heritage of the outstanding Russian scientist and promoter of science Academician Moisej Aleksandrovich Markov. The present Conference is organized by the Section of Nuclear Physics of the RAS Department of Physics, RAS Institute for Nuclear Research, the Lebedev Physics Institute of RAS and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. The “Markov Readings” have been held since 2003.

Academician Moisej Aleksandrovich Markov (1908-1994) is a famous Russian scientist, an outstanding theoretical physicist and promoter of science. He made pioneering contributions to research in neutrino physics, studies of fundamental problems in elementary particle physics, in quantum gravity and at the boundary of particle physics and cosmology. M.A. Markov was the Academician Secretary of the Nuclear Physics Division of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1967 – 1988).