26 March is the JINR Foundation Day

Organization, 25 March 2020

To staff members of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and our partners from the JINR Member States

Dear colleagues, friends and veterans!

On behalf of the JINR Directorate, I congratulate you on the 64th anniversary of foundation of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research! On this day, we always recall with gratitude and warmth the “founding fathers” of the Institute. They established the first scientific schools which are actively developing today; they laid the foundations of the JINRS’s scientific programme and its experimental base, and began extensive international cooperation. But the main thing that they transmitted to their pupils and followers is the spirit of selfless service to science.

Due to the complicated situation with the incidence of the coronavirus infection in the world, as well as in the JINR Member States, and measures taken to prevent the spread of the disease, we are forced to abandon the traditional events that have always accompanied the celebration of the JINR Foundation Day. However, no external reasons can stop us celebrate this auspicious day with awareness of an important role played by JINR in our lives, in destiny and in the lives of all our colleagues from the JINR Member States. We also note with gratitude the fact of its existence and the importance which JINR acquired for the development of closer scientific cooperation between scientists and specialists from many countries, as well as for rapprochement and understanding among nations.

On behalf of the JINR Directorate and our multinational staff, I express my deep gratitude to all who stood at the origins of the Institute, who brought it worldwide fame and popularity by their selfless labour. Thanks to the support of governments of the JINR Member States, and especially the government of the Russian Federation which has granted our Institute excellent working conditions, and thanks to our remarkable personnel the Institute is confident in its future. I firmly believe that operational measures taken by JINR to combat the spread of coronavirus will help us to overcome this scourge and come out stronger from this ordeal.

I wish you all good health, prosperity, and new achievements in development of fundamental science, implementation of innovative and educational programmes in the name of high values of international scientific collaboration, for the future of our wonderful international research centre!

JINR Director Academician Victor Matveev