Quark structure of the ∆-isobar in covariant quark model


Seminar of “Hadron Physiscs”

Date and Time: Friday, 13 October 2017, at 11:00 AM

Venue: Blokhintsev Hall (4th floor), Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics

Seminar topic: «Quark structure of the ∆-isobar in covariant quark model»

Speaker: Zhomart Tulemisov (BLTP JINR)


We present the study of Delta-isobar and its strong decay in the framework of covariant quark model. The construction of the relevant three-quark interpolating current with quantum numbers JP = (3/2)+ is given in great details. It is shown that this current has a single form. The only free parameter arising under construction is determined by fitting the experimental data. Then we calculate the form factor of strong interaction in the space-like region of the momentum transfer squared. The comparison with other approaches is given.