3rd enrollment at IT school finished

Education, 12 October 2020

On 8 October, an organizational meeting was held for students who had been enrolled at the International IT School “Big Data Analytics”.

It is the third enrollment at the School. Classes will start on 12 October remotely. The programme is designed for two years of training.

At the meeting, Vladimir Korenkov (Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Scientific Head of the School) told students about the history of the creation of the School, its concept and the development strategy, as well as paid special attention to the achievements of students and graduates of the IT School. Moreover, Evgenia Cheremisina (Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Scientific Head of the IT School) and Oksana Streltsova (Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent, Director of the IT School) also performed at the meeting and said parting words to enrolled students.

In September 2020, students were selected for the third enrollment at the IT School. The entrance tests had three stages: the first one was to submit an application with an online questionnaire, the second stage included a written exam that took place in person and lasted for two hours, and the third stage was an interview with students held by teachers of the IT School.

50 2-3-grade Bachelor students and first-year Master students submitted their applications for the study. At the entrance exam, they solved tasks on mathematical analysis, linear algebra and analytical geometry, the probability theory and mathematical statistics, tasks on databases, theories of algorithms and programming. According to the results of the exam, 30 students were selected for the third stage, and 26 of them successfully passed it.

Students of the second enrollment continue their study, and the main focus is made on research and project activities. Students are already engaged in real promising projects of the JINR laboratories. In particular, they take an active part in projects of the Laboratory of Information Technologies, Laboratory of High Energy Physics, Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, Laboratory of Nuclear Problems.

Organizers of the School realize that the economy and science sector of the country requires specialists in data analysis and processing (Data Scientists); it is an extremely wide field that covers all new areas. So, organizers expand the cooperation with resident enterprises of the Special Economic Zone “Dubna” and other companies.

Based on information of the University “Dubna”
and the group of the IT School on VKontakte