60th Anniversary of the JINR weekly newspaper! Congratulations!

News, 07 November 2017

The weekly newspaper of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research “Dubna: science, community, progress” will turn 60 on 7 November 2017. All these years the newspaper has been a chronicle of the Institute and of the city, a public tribune for scientists, engineers, workers, specialists of city-forming enterprises. The newspaper has informed the readers about the scientific achievements of JINR and cooperation of the international centre in Dubna with research laboratories of the world. Prominent physicists, leaders of scientific schools who established the international scientific center in Dubna took the floor through columns of the newspaper.

For more than thirty years, this newspaper, in fact, has been the only city periodical. The newspaper had been raising issues of life and activity not only of the Institute but also of the whole city and its citizens.

Creative efforts of journalists, high culture of language and style, the variety of themes, attracting a wide range of authors became the laws for the editorial board, which provided the newspaper sustainable credibility among readers.

With the advent of other Dubna city newspapers, the weekly newspaper “Dubna” focused on issues of science, but even now none of its issues misses the relevant city information; and traditional scientific subjects were supplemented by such topical issues as analysis of innovative components of science and JINR’s participation in the establishment of the Special Economic Zone in Dubna.

Over the years of its activity the editorial board of the weekly newspaper “Dubna” has been awarded various diplomas and honorary certificates of regional, USSR and Russian publishing competitions, including the JINR Member States. The newspaper won the international prize named after Professor Ya.A. Smorodinsky for the promotion of science and international cooperation which was established by JINR.

The newspaper “Dubna” was one of the first in the Moscow region to launch its web site in 1997 which was done with the informational support of JINR specialists and the company “Contact”. Now the site has become very popular not only in Russia but in many other countries.

In 1977, the newspaper with the support of the Union of Journalists of the USSR held the first seminar “Science and the press” in Dubna, thus establishing a tradition of meetings of scientists and journalists on topical issues of development of science. Later similar meetings were held in Dubna, Novosibirsk and Vladivostok by newspapers of regional scientific centres and relevant regional research centers.

The first newspaper of Dubna has stood the test of not only time, but also new economic conditions, keeping its readers and the best of its traditions which are professionalism of journalists, informativity and analytics, and now the newspaper continues to follow its motto “Popular and precise about science”.

The Directorate and staff members of JINR heartily congratulate the editorial board of the JINR weekly newspaper “Dubna: science, community, progress” on the jubilee and wish all the staff members of the newspaper good health, happiness, interesting and bright works, inexhaustible creative inspiration and constant attention of readers!