The SHiP experiment: search for hidden sector particles at the CERN SPS


VBLHEP Seminar

Date and Time: Friday, 13 September 2019, at 11:30 AM

Venue: Big Conference Hall, bld. 215, Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics

Seminar topic: «The SHiP experiment: search for hidden sector particles at the CERN SPS»

Speakers: Andrey Golutvin (Imperial College, London), Antonia Di Crescenzo (University and INFN, Naples)


The SHiP Collaboration has proposed experimental facility operating in beam dump mode at the CERN SPS accelerator with the aim of searching for light, long-lived exotic particles of Hidden Sector models. The facility incorporates a muon shield and two complementary apparats. The detector downstream of the muon shield is optimized for both recoil signatures of light dark matter scattering and for tau neutrino physics, and consists of a layered detector system, emulsion film technology and electronic tracking. The second detector system aims at measuring the visible decays of particles. The detector consists of a 50 m long decay volume followed by a spectrometer and particle identification. The beam of 400 GeV protons is used. The experiment is capable in five years probing dark photons, dark scalars and pseudo-scalars, and heavy neutrinos with GeV-scale masses. The sensitivity to heavy neutrinos with masses between kaons and charmed mesons will allow probing a couplings range with which baryogenesis and active neutrino masses can be explained. The sensitivity to light dark matter reaches limits in the range from a few (MeV/c)2 up to (200 MeV/c)2. The tau neutrino deep-inelastic scattering cross-sections will be measured, and allow for new tests of lepton universality.