75th Anniversary of the Great Victory Day!

News, 08 May 2020

Dear veterans, JINR employees, citizens of Dubna science city,

The JINR Directorate cordially congratulates you on the Victory Day! This is a special day in a sequence of memorable events. The Victory Day is a holiday for everybody that is beyond time and borders. It is a common holiday uniting fathers, children, and grandchildren. The Victory Day has remained over several generations a symbol of the greatness of our country which endured all the hardships of the of World War II.

This year we celebrate the Victory Day being in a special situation, due to the extraordinary circumstances caused by the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. The tribute to the memory of the soldiers who gave their lives in the fight for the freedom of the Fatherland will be paid in every family, in each house. The names of those heroes stamped on the pedestal will forever remain a symbol of valour, courage, and feat of arms. We remember the heroic deed of workers in the rear for whom the whole country has become a front. The glorious feat of our people who made incalculable sacrifices for the triumph of the Victory will never be erased from the memory of grateful descendants.

I wish you, dear veterans and all citizens of Dubna, good health, high spirit, and faith.

With sincere respect,
Director of JINR, Academician Victor Matveev