Shaft cryostat based on the SRDK415D cryocooler and its capabilities


Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics

Topical Seminar

FLNP – Department of Spectrometers’ Complex

Leaders – Belushkin A.V., Prikhodko V.I.

Date and Time: Thursday, 3 October 2019, at 11:00 AM

Venue: Department of Spectrometers’ Complex, Conference hall, bld. 119, Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics

Seminar topic: «Shaft cryostat based on the SRDK415D cryocooler and its capabilities»

Speaker: A. N. Chernikov


A cryostat with a vertical loading of a sample with a shaft diameter of 80 mm based on GM cryocooler SRDK415D for operation in the temperature range (4 – 300) K is described. Also, this cryostat can be operated in a horizontal position, practically without losing the final temperature. The temperature charts of the sample chamber depending on the time in the temperature range (4 – 150) K in the vertical and horizontal positions of the cryostat are presented. The temperature was adjusted using the controller. Before the experiment, at room temperature, the pressure of the helium heat exchange gas was set in a shaft of 25 mbar. The cryostat is designed for operation on the NERA spectrometer of the IBR-2 reactor at FLNP JINR.