8 February marks the Day of Russian Science

Organization, 08 February 2021

Dear friends, dear colleagues!
I congratulate you on the Day of Russian Science!

Russian scientists, members of the multinational Dubna family, make a considerable contribution to the solution of the most ambitions scientific tasks at the cutting edge of world science at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. On this day, the many-thousand-strong team of the Institute congratulates colleagues from hundreds of scientific and research organizations and universities of Russia on professional holiday.

It is very symbolic that the Year of Science and Technology starts on this special occasion in the Russian Federation. I am convinced that the decision by the President of the Russian Federation does not only reflect the role that the development of the scientific and technological sector plays for the country’s leaders. It is also a symbol of the responsibility of scientific people to society in finding answers to great challenges that the country and the world face.

As a leading international scientific centre, JINR greatly contributes to the scientific and technological development of the country of its location, in particular, the Institute takes part in flagship initiatives of the Russian Federation in the fields of science and technologies. In November 2020, with the participation of Prime Minister of the Russian Federation M. V. Mishustin, JINR launched the first stage of the NICA collider, the initiative implemented in the framework of the national project “Nauka” at the JINR site. Jointly with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia and the Russian Academy of Sciences, the unique, the largest in the Northern Hemisphere deep-underwater telescope Baikal-GVD was put into operation this year.

I believe that this year JINR will present to the Russian and international communities a number of large and small but bright scientific results and events. Of course, we stick these expectations to the full launch of the Superheavy Element Factory of JINR scheduled for this year, to the development of the spectrometer complex at the IBR-2 reactor, the expansion of one of the largest and most productive information and computing centres in Russia and Eastern Europe, as well as some other projects of our Institute.

Greetings on Day of Russian Science: Grigory Trubnikov. Video by TV Channel “Dubna”

Dear friends, I wish all our Russian partners good health, new professional achievements, and creative victories!

Sincerely yours, JINR Director
RAS Academician Grigory Trubnikov