8 February – the Day of Russian Science

Organization, 07 February 2017

Dear colleagues, I congratulate you on the Day of Russian Science!

Russian scientists have always been, are and will be the motive power in all areas of progress, the basis of prosperity of our country. Their new scientific discoveries are of fundamental importance and innovative nature. These days, implementation of scientific and technical tasks of the new Seven-Year Plan for the Development of JINR is on fast-forward. I would like to express my deep confidence that JINR scientists and specialists will make every effort for implementation of large-scale tasks faced by the Institute. On the eve of this date meetings of the JINR Programme Advisory Committees were held; there were discussions of the progress of work on establishment of new nuclear physics facilities, including perspective mega-science projects included in the Russian State Support Programme.

I wish health, prosperity, career achievements and new scientific discoveries to staff members of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, scientists, engineers, constructors, all staff members who work at Dubna enterprises of the research complex, our colleagues and partners from Russian research centers.

JINR Director, Academician Victor Matveev