80% level of collective immunity against COVID-19 achieved at JINR

News, 02 September 2021

According to the JINR Operational Headquarters, at the end of August, the total number of JINR employees with immunity reached 4,300 people. The Institute applies all measures taken by the Russian Federation to support citizens of the country for aiding families of staff members from the Member States: foreign employees with children have received 10 thousand rubles for children aged 6 – 17. In addition, the Institute continues paying financial aid of 4 thousand rubles to employees who have got fully vaccinated.

Thanks to the achieved successes of the vaccination campaign of the staff the Institute has successfully overcome a so-called “third wave” of COVID-19.

“JINR has managed to reach the highest possible rates of vaccination of the staff. It allowed the Institute to become one of the leading organisations in the fields of science and education in the territory of the Russian Federation in terms of forming collective immunity,” JINR Director Grigory Trubnikov commented on the results of the vaccination campaign in the Institute.

The JINR Directorate does not only follows the instructions of the healthcare system of the Institute’s location country – Russia – but also implements additional measures to preserve the health of the staff. Thus, with the active support of Medical Unit No.9, the re-vaccination campaign of the JINR personnel has begun, additional preventive measures are taken, rehabilitation for those who have been ill will be organised. Strict control of PCR-testing of employees coming to JINR, members of their families, and visitors has been established. Moreover, the JINR Directorate will keep a high level of compliance with all the quarantine measures (disinfection of premises, door handles, handrails and railings, temperature control, supply with masks and disinfectants, prevention of queues at checkpoints, etc.). The Institute continues paying the financial support of 4 thousand rubles for the employees getting vaccinated.

Nowadays, JINR leaders work on the mechanisms of a gradual return of the maximum possible number of employees from remote work to full-time.

The JINR Directorate and the JINR Operational Headquarters thank all the staff for their responsible approach to measures on preventing the spread of the COVID-19!