About admission to the sites of JINR

Organization, 12 September 2019

In April-May 2019, AYSS took part in the collection of signatures for the appeal to the Director of the Institute V. A. Matveev in order to simplify admission to the sites of the Institute. The appeal was signed by 590 employees.

On behalf of V. A. Matveev, JINR Vice-Director M.G. Itkis and assistant Director of the Institute for security A. A. Mikhan held a meeting with representatives of AYSS (A. Verkheev, A. Ayriyan, D. Soloviev, K. Khramko, V. Chudoba).

During the conversation, the representatives of the Directorate made the following statements:

  1. JINR is protected by employees of the National Guard of Russia in accordance with the Federal Law No. 226-ФЗ of 03.07.2016. “On the troops of the national guard of the Russian Federation” and this is not subject to be changed. JINR should follow the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 27.05.2017 № 646 “On approval of requirements to provide engineering and technical means of protection to important state facilities, special cargoes, structures on communications subject to the protection by national guard troops of the Russian Federation”.
  2. The JINR Directorate is aware of the recurring problems with the access regime and makes every effort to normalize the situation. This issue is the subject of ongoing discussion at highly specialized meetings and extended operational meetings with the Director of the Institute.
  3. By the moment, the concept of new VBLHEP and DLNP entrance checkpoints has been developed, agreed upon with the Directors of the JINR laboratories and approved by the JINR Director. Currently, an agreement has been signed for the development of design-estimate and working documentation, according to which the materials should be submitted in January 2020. In case of the approval of the submitted documentation by the services of the Institute, the construction of the checkpoint at the DLNP will be possibly launched in April-May 2020. It is planned that the new DLNP checkpoint will be opened in 2021. Later, a similar checkpoint will be constructed at the VBLEHP site. The new DLNP checkpoint will be divided into 2 parts: pedestrian one, consisting of at least 6 passes (on the place of the former shop “Romashka”) and the car one for two lanes (on the site of the current checkpoint). The entrance to the Institute will be carried out by electronic passes.

In their turn, AYSS representatives came up with proposals for improving the current situation on the checkpoints (the use of modern narrow and more robust metal detection systems, information boards in English and provided phone numbers of responsible persons), and a request was made to prolong operation of bike checkpoints for winter. The proposals were met with interest and sent to the engineering division of the security service for consideration and possible implementation.