About agreement with JINR on target admission

Education, 23 May 2019

From 2012 to 2017, we successfully carried out the target admission to the Faculty of Physics of the Moscow State University on the request of Dubna science city. As far as the legal system of the Russian Federation regulating admission to universities underwent considerable changes last year, it was decided to suspend the target admission.

We inform you that now we are successfully carrying out target education of students who have been already admitted to the Faculty of Physics. The agreement between students and JINR (Dubna) on the target admission includes:

  • From the moment of the agreement conclusion, students get a financial support each month;
  • Additional topical seminars are organized for students by the Department of Particle Physics;
  • JINR organizes a training course for students, and after their graduation, JINR undertakes to employ students in accordance with their qualification;
  • Students are obliged to work in JINR not less than 3 years after graduation.

Agreements can be signed at any stage of education. In order to achieve higher effectiveness, we are interested to conclude agreements as earlier as possible. In this regard, we are asking you to inform your students planning to enter the MSU Faculty of Physics about an opportunity of signing the agreement with JINR on target education.

If some of your students are ready to take this opportunity, please, share the form with them. They are supposed to send it to priem@msu.dubna.ru. We will trace their submission and will contact them after the admission to discuss signing of the agreement.

Best regards,
Tatyana V. Tetereva,
Director of the Dubna branch of SINP MSU,
Head of the organizing committee of target admission (Dubna)

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