About operation of JINR Dissertation Councils

News, 01 September 2019

From 1 September 2019, Dissertation Councils are launched in JINR operating due to the right to award academic degrees independently.

According to the Federal Laws of the JINR’s country residence (the Russian Federation) of 23 August 1996 № 127-ФЗ “About science and the state scientific and technical policy”, of 23 March 2016 No. 148-ФЗ “About amending the 4 article of the Federal Law “About science and the state scientific and technical policy”, as well as the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 23 August 2017 No. 1792-р “About confirmation of the list of scientific organization and higher educational organizations with the rights provided by paragraphs 2-4 of the 3 clause in the 4 article of the Federal Law of 23 August 1996 No. 127-ФЗ”, JINR exercises the right:

  • to establish JINR-based dissertation councils; to appoint and change their membership; to determine their authority; to select scientific specialities of dissertations these councils are granted the right to accept for defence; to control, suspend, resume and terminate the activities of these councils;
  • to set the procedure for degree awarding, including the requirements for dissertations, the order of presentation, defence of dissertations to confer scientific degrees, the order of withholding, restoration of academic degrees, the appeal proceedings;
  • to approve regulations for the Council for the defence of dissertations for attaining the degrees of candidate of sciences, doctor of sciences, the formats of academic degrees diplomas, technical requirements for such documents, the procedure for their processing and issuance.

JINR provides six dissertation councils. Five of them operate permanently:

JINR provides an opportunity to make a preliminary submission of the documents (in electronic form) to the dissertation councils. For this aim, JINR established the Information System for Scientific Certification.

More details about the procedure for obtaining scientific degrees in JINR are available on the website https://dissertations.jinr.ru/