About the JINR’s working regime since 15 June 2020

News, 13 June 2020

Dear colleagues,

In connection with the Order and the Resolution issued by the Governor of Moscow and the Moscow region respectively on removing some restrictions of the high-alert regime, on 12 June 2020, JINR Director V. A. Matveev signed Order No.296 “On the Institute’s working regime since 15 June 2020 and preparation for a gradual resumption of activities to the full extent”.

This Order regulates working conditions of the Institute and all its employees since 15 June 2020, including the following:

  1. Since 15 June, the working regime of the Institute’s staff, including employees who have been transferred to remote work, established by the contracts and internal labour regulations will be resumed taking into account the following peculiarities:

    1.1. Heads of structural divisions are recommended to optimize the number of employees involved in performing work at workplaces in divisions up to 01.08.2020. Heads of divisions are given an opportunity to transfer some staff members, including those over 65, to the remote working mode or to maintain this work mode. They may also establish flexible working mode or part-time working regime for some staff members.

    1.2. Operation of divisions should be organized in compliance with the measures aimed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection. All employees should be provided with necessary personal protective equipment (masks, respirators and gloves if necessary).

    1.3. Heads of divisions are responsible for ensuring that employees observe social distancing and use personal respiratory protective equipment (masks, respirators) when being at workplaces, in buildings and in the JINR territory or when using official transport. Exceptions may be cases when an employee works in a separate room or uses a company vehicle without the presence of other persons.

    1.4. Periodic testing of employees for the coronavirus will be continued.
  2. Since 15 June, operation of check points at the DLNP and VBLHEP technical sites will be resumed as usual. All the staff members must observe social distance (1,5 metres from other employees in the queue) and use personal respiratory protection equipment both at JINR sites and in the city territory adjacent to the checkpoints.
  3. Taking into account the epidemiological situation and other conditions, it is allowed to send employees on business trips throughout Russia and abroad. It is also allowed to employ citizens of other countries at JINR. The Human Resources & Innovation Development Office and the Science Organization & International Cooperation Office are assigned the divisions responsible for it.
  4. The responsible divisions will work out opportunities for a gradual safe resumption of activities of JINR sports and cultural objects, public catering facilities, the hotel “Dubna” and the resort hotel “Ratmino”.

The decisions taken by the Institute’s Director are necessary to organize the effective operation of divisions and employees, to prepare the resumption of the Institute’s activities in full and to ensure strict compliance by all employees with measures taken to prevent the coronavirus infection.

JINR Operational Headquarters