About the past 7th Russian nationwide Science Festival NAUKA 0+

Education, 18 October 2017

On 6-8 October, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research was taking part in the 7th Russian nationwide Science Festival NAUKA 0+ and presented its stands at two exhibition sites during the capital city part, which is annually attended by about 850 thousand people.

At Expocentre Fairgrounds, a creative and interactive educational programme was arranged for visitors of all ages. They could watch fascinating experiments in physics and chemistry (with liquid nitrogen, dry ice, various chemicals etc.) and even take on the role of the experimentalists’ assistants during some of them; join robotics workshops held by children and their monitors and deepen their knowledge in the field of natural sciences with the help of mind games and educational programmes.

The second exhibition stand this year was located at the MSU Fundamental Library, where young specialists from JINR told visitors about the main research directions of the Institute and illustrated by means of the replicas of the MultiPurpose Detector from the NICA collider and the IBR-2 reactor, the miniature of the deep underwater neutrino telescope used in the Baikal experiment as well as the calorimeter (used in the COMPASS experiment in order to study the structure and spectroscopy of hadrons) how JINR basic facilities operate.

This is not the first time that JINR has presented its exhibition stands at the Festival. Based on the positive experience of the previous year, this time JINR expanded the scope of its activities and offered visitors of both sites popular science lectures from young specialists of the Institute on the following topics: “Discovery of new chemical elements of the Periodic Table”, “The mystery of the Universe or is there dark matter or dark energy”, “Radiation biology: study of the effects of radiation on the human organism”, “Computing for high energy physics: the past and the future”, “How can moss help humanity solve ecological problems?”