Address of JINR Director G. V. Trubnikov to the staff

Organization, 28 May 2021

Dear colleagues, dear citizens of Dubna,

A little more than a year ago, nobody could have imagined how our lives would change. The life of every person, every family. The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly taken over the entire world, and it will never be the same again obviously.

Transport restrictions, social isolation, the mandatory wearing of masks and gloves. We did everything possible to save the most significant things – health and life both our own and of our loved ones.

The most valuable thing of our Institute is you, our multi-thousand multinational staff. Since the very first days of the pandemic, we have been caring to protect employees of the Institute and citizens of Dubna from the risk of infection.

Nevertheless, many of us have suffered from COVID-19 over the past year. Including me and my family.

The probability to face serious and even deadly danger still exists. The task of each of us is to observe the measures necessary for protection against the virus as responsibly as possible. The most obvious solution to the question ‘to get or not to get sick’ is vaccination. The choice is, of course, yours.

We make every possible effort to organize vaccination of employees and their family members. 3 vaccines are available for you – Sputnik V, EpiVacCorona, and CoviVac. About 1,5 thousand JINR staff members have already been vaccinated. Let’s think not only about ourselves but about others as well. We support those who prove by their example the safety and necessity of vaccination. So, we will pay financial assistance to those who provide a certificate of vaccination.

At the same time, the probability of COVID-19 infection is still extremely high. It is necessary to continue our joint fight for a full return to the usual working process.

The Institute’s activities are aimed at international cooperation. Mass vaccination against COVID-19 is becoming a new global trend in healthcare. Uniform border crossing rules are being developed everywhere, which will require vaccination. That is why vaccination against coronavirus is becoming a necessity for every staff member of the Institute.

But more important than trips and meetings with colleagues is our health. It is like driving a car: an unfastened seat belt is not important until an accident. So the vaccination is not necessary until the infection the consequences of which can hardly be predicted.

Please, colleagues, fasten your seat belts, protect yourself and your loved ones! Get vaccinated!

JINR Director
Academician Grigory Trubnikov