Agreement between CNRS and JINR signed

News, 16 November 2021

The agreement implies the development of cooperation between JINR and the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) relating to staff training, which unites governmental organisations in the fields of applied and fundamental research. On 15 November, Director of JINR Grigory Trubnikov and CNRS President Antoine Petit signed the document.

The current agreement between CNRS and JINR complements the agreement between the parties signed in February 2018 and creates a platform for organising a number of internship programmes for young French scientists in theoretical and mathematical physics, mathematical modelling, and information technologies at JINR.

Сoordinators of the programme along with JINR will be the European Research and International Cooperation Department (DERCI) and the Interdisciplinary Scientific Centre Poncelet (ISCP), which is a joint laboratory of Skoltech, the Institute for Information Transmission Problems of the RAS, the Higher School of Economics, the Independent University of Moscow and CNRS. For this purpose, a permanent Advisory Board will operate within the framework of the programme.