All-Russian conference in the Dubna University

Education, 28 March 2019

0n 20 April 2019, the all-Russian conference “Engineering education for MegaScience” will be held in the University “Dubna”.

Representatives of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, MEPhI and other leading scientific centres of Russia will discuss training of elite engineers for work on large-scale scientific projects in the fields of fundamental physics. The conference is organized on the platform of the Dubna University and supported by the Joint Institute.

The venue was chosen not accidentally: mega-science projects are being launched particularly in Dubna. On 25 March 2019, bringing into operation of the Factory of superheavy elements was held at JINR, the NICA complex is close to the end of its construction. A large number of highly skilled engineers-physicists is needed for work on these unique scientific projects. To satisfy this need in the staff, the International School of Engineering has been recently opened jointly with JINR.

Specialists in the fields of engineering education from leading Russian universities and heads of JINR departments will make reports and then will take part in the round table at which they will discuss the educational programme for training the engineering elite with account of challenging tasks set to leading scientific centres of our country.

More information about the Conference is available via the link.

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