“All-Russian laboratory work” has become international and will be held in 20 countries

Education, 12 January 2018

On 10 February 2018, the campaign for checking scientific knowledge “Open laboratory work”, former “All-Russian laboratory work”, will be held. The campaign became international in 2018. The event will be a part of celebration of the Russian Science Day traditionally held on 8 February.

The mass campaign for checking scientific literacy of Russians will be held during one day in dozens of Russian towns: from Achaivaim in Kamchatka to Apatity in the Murmansk Region. Furthermore, in 2018, nearly 20 countries will join the “Open Laboratory” including China, Germany, Greece, France, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

Everyone interested may become participants (“lab researchers”) of the event. Sites for the campaign will be organized in universities, RAS scientific institutes, libraries, museums, and other institutions like, for example, the Russian Science Foundation. Moreover, according to organizers’ press release, the lab work may be done on-line.

During the campaign, participants are supposed to answer questions concerning basic phenomena of life in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, anthropology and mechanics. For example: is it possible to see an animal cell in a fridge? Does all matter consists of molecules? Can wood become harder than metals? What exactly pains when we have a headache?

Source: “Cherdak”