All-Russian seminar on the Russian scientific language

News, 24 January 2018

On 29 January – 3 February 2018, the all-Russian seminar “The Russian scientific language” will be held in Dubna. The seminar is included in the programme of the XXV international interdisciplinary conference “Mathematics. Computing. Education” that is held in the State Dubna University those days. The seminar focuses on the problem of preservation and rebirth of the importance of the Russian language for scientific development.

Participants of the seminar “The Russian scientific language” are professional philologists and linguists as well as representatives of other numerous professions such as mathematicians, physicists, biologists from different Russian towns. The seminar is held to convey to the government representatives, businessmen and the Russian community the message that the scientific Russian language is the most important part of Russian culture.

The conference “Mathematics. Computing. Education” has become a base for consolidation of efforts of scientists and professors, preservation of traditions of science and education, scientific and teaching staff training in the fields of math modelling and IT, attracting the youth to science and education.

The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research is one of the organizers of the annual conference “Mathematics. Computing. Education”.