“Alushta-2018”: the unique combination

News, 26 June 2018

On 11 – 18 June 2018, the VII traditional conference for young scientists and specialists “Alushta-2018” was held on the basis of the JINR Resort Hotel “Dubna” in Alushta, the Republic of Crimea. The Conference was organized by AYSS and held in the format of a scientific school. 61 participants took part in the Conference, 6 lectures were delivered, 52 reports were carried, a round table of AYSS with the JINR Directorate was held. The topic of the Conference was dedicated to the priority fields of research of the Institute and its major scientific achievements.

“Why do we organize the conference in Alushta? Obviously, the reason is that holidays at the seaside and science is the unique combination! You should try!” Researcher and Co-founder of the conference Nikolay N. Voityshyn advised smiling.

This year, it was the first time students of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Crimea participated in the conference with poster presentations. Young researchers were accompanied by their scientific leader and chief initiator of a new format of the School Sergei A. Kovalev. School students spoke about their projects with enthusiasm, were happy to answer the questions and talked to each other.

“The aim of the annual Conference is to allow scientists and young specialists from JINR to share their experience, accumulating and broadening their knowledge for the benefit of the Institute. Now, the young generation has joined us. This event is a great opportunity for them to experience the right atmosphere, to understand what they want to do in the future,” Assistant to JINR Director and Chairman of the Pogramme Committee of the Conference Grigory D. Shirkov noted.

Robots, augmented reality, unconcealed delight of a child discovering the world could be seen at the “Alushta-2018” Conference.

“There are so many interesting works that one doesn’t know where to look first. Brilliant thoughts have already arisen, and I want to improve my invention as soon as possible!” a 9-grade student of the Alushta School #2 Artem Dorokhin said. Some participants has been working at their inventions for weeks, others spent months to do them. There were students who delivered reports for the first time; some students already went through hoops at various competitions. However, all of them agreed that the School touched everyone’s feelings.

“At first I was worried when scientists asked me questions. However, it turned out that all of them are sympathetic towards us and charming. I am happy that my work evoked interest,” an 11 grade student of the Malyi Mayak School Ekaterina Golovina said.

For participation in the “Alushta-2018” Conference, school students were awarded with diplomas that will be taken into consideration while entering the Dubna State University.

“Physics is my passion, that is why when choosing the university to study at I decided to try the Dubna university. There are numerous favourable feedbacks on it, and the fact that it is near JINR is a sign from above. I hope I will succeed!” an 11 grade student of the Crimea Boarding School for talented students from Simferopol Osman Mukuk noted.

After the awarding ceremony, students of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Crimea had an opportunity to hear reports of young scientists of the Institute on the NICA mega-science project and ask their questions in informal conversation during the coffee break.

“The reports of Crimean students greatly diversified our Conference. It is noble to involve children in science, so we will continue our work in this direction,” Researcher and AYSS Chairman Alexander Yu. Verkheev summed up the milestones of the School.

Yana Tsivenko, Alushta
Photos by Igor Lapenko, JINR Scientific Information Department