Announcement: JINR sports objects for staff members

News, 05 September 2018

Dear JINR staff members who want to visit JINR sports facilities at a reduced price (50% of the cost of classes), you should submit an application to the Trade Union Committee of your laboratory before 21 September 2018 or contact a contact person of your laboratory via email to specify a sports facility, a day of the week and time of classes. Then, application letters to the JINR Directorate and to the United Trade Union Committee-22 (another 25% discount) will be submitted for the provision of benefits.

Please, pay attention that the lists of visitors for sports classes will include only those who have declared their desire to visit the sports facility in 2018-2019. Application forms and additional information are available in the Trade Union of your laboratory.

The list of services provided by JINR sports facilities:

1. Swimming Pool “Archimedes”

  • swimming
  • sauna
  • gym
  • rhythmic gymnastics
  • body-building
  • workout room
  • water fitness

2. Sports Club:

  • gym
  • sauna
  • weight-lifting gym
  • workout room
  • billiards

3. Stadium “Nauka”

  • gym
  • sauna
  • chess room
  • room for table tennis
  • tennis courts
  • football field
  • rink for hockey
  • climbing wall

4. Tennis Courts next to Swimming Pool “Archimedes”