Application of machine learning methods for data processing at NICA to be discussed in Saint Petersburg

News, 25 July 2023

A two-day seminar “Use of new methods for data processing in physical experiments. Application of machine learning methods at the NICA Complex” will take place on 28 – 29 August in Saint Petersburg. The event is organized by Saint Petersburg State University together with JINR and MIPT in a mixed format and will be held for the first time.

Students, postgraduates, and researchers interested in the study and application of new methods for data obtaining and processing in physical experiments at megascience facilities are invited to participate. You can register and submit the abstract of your report via the link until 14 August.

The seminar is aimed at discussing new methods for data processing in modern physical experiments, identifying the main issues that need to be solved, and developing a further strategy. Modern physical experiments, especially fundamental research at megascience facilities such as LHC at CERN or NICA at JINR, provide huge amounts of data and require significant computing power to work with them. Therefore, scientists are using new methods of working with data, including machine learning methods more and more often.

The experience of various groups on the implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence methods at different stages of experimental data processing, as well as monitoring the parameters of detectors and accelerator complex during the data set will be considered. All this can be used in the work on the programme of studies of the properties of dense baryonic matter in nuclear collisions at the NICA Accelerator Complex at JINR.