Assistance to JINR employees in self-isolation or quarantine

Organization, 25 March 2020

Volunteers of the JINR Association of Young Scientists and Specialists are ready to help those JINR employees, who are in self-isolation or quarantine, with the delivery of medicine and food.

Please bring this news to your colleagues, who may not recive this information for one reason or another. If you apply on behalf of another employee of the Institute, they must agree to you making such appeals and other actions performed in their interests.

Contact through e-mail:

or phone numbers:

+7 (964) 771-18-69 – Anna Bogomolova
+7 (496) 216-30-12, +7 (929) 566-22-81 – Nikolay Voytishin

When contacting us, you must provide:

  • Employee’s full name;
  • Name of your structural subdivision;
  • Contact phone number;
  • List of products and/or medicines (with dosage).

If you contact us by phone, it is advisable to duplicate all the necessary information by e-mail in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Payment for the cost of products or medicines should be made after delivery using online banking (Sberbank, OTKRYTIE, VTB). Other payment methods may be available later.

The delivery is FREE of charge..