At the 14th meeting of the JINR Public Council

News, 03 August 2020

On 29 July, at the 14th meeting of the JINR Public Council for interaction with local authorities, amendments to the action plan for the implementation of the strategy of socio-economic development of the science city Dubna in 2017 – 2026 were discussed.

Head of the Dubna City District M. N. Danilov made a report on behalf of the Dubna City Administration. At the beginning of his report, he highly evaluated the work of city services, city-forming enterprises, and volunteer organizations in the fight with the coronavirus. Talking about the topical issue of the agenda, the Head of the city noted that numerous interesting complex projects had been launched for three years of fruitful work. The strategy and the implementation plan of socio-economic development of Dubna as a science city of the Russian Federation were jointly developed by the City Administration and the Dubna Council of Deputies with the active participation of the public, scientists, intellectuals, industrial enterprises, entrepreneurs, and the whole city community. The strategy was worked out with consideration of the prospects for the implementation of priority projects, the analysis of initial conditions of the modern city district, the analysis of strengths and weaknesses influencing the development of Dubna.

The speaker enumerated the major already implemented projects and projects under implementation in the frames of the strategy for 2017 – 2020, namely the development of scientific and industrial complex, the national project “Nauka”, the creation of world-level research facilities NICA and DRIBs at JINR, the development of the Special Economic Zone. At the beginning of this year, the construction and equipment of a new medical building of the Dubna City Hospital for 190 patients was completed. Further development of city health services is planned. Some projects have been implemented to provide transport services to citizens, and we also pay much attention to repairs of sidewalks. The development of the University “Dubna” is being continued, some projects of the University are supported by JINR and enterprises of the scientific and industrial complex. It is planned to build a university dormitory with 708 places. The creation of the Moscow Regional Physics and Mathematics Lyceum named after Academician Vladimir Georgievich Kadyshevsky is in full swing. Repairs and restoration in former School No. 4 should be completed in December 2020. Chairman of the Dubna Council of Deputies S. A. Kulikov, JINR SIM Office Director A. V. Tamonov, JINR First Vice-Director G. V. Trubnikov take an active part in the work of the headquarters at this construction site.

According to the project of the improvement of the Volga River embankment and the park in the Institute’s district of the city, not everything has been done; shortcomings are being corrected, as well as the issues of the operation of the embankment and the park. In 2021, it is planned to develop the objects of the infrastructure of the family recreation park and territories adjacent to Tsentralnaya street.

Then, the reporter considered such key projects of the Dubna science city development as the power supply (construction of energy-saving centres jointly with Mosoblenergo); the design of children’s art school in the left-bank district of the city in 2021; drafting of the project of the bridge over the Moscow Channel near Novoye highway initiated by JINR; the creation of a frontage road for the highway A-104 Dmitrov-Dubna; modernization and reconstruction of city wastewater treatment plants.

The multistage history of the preparation and adoption of the strategy was reported on by Chairman of the Dubna Council of Deputies S. A. Kulikov. Chairman of the JINR Public Council A. V. Tamonov introduced to participants of the meeting some amendments made to the plan by the Institute’s employees. The decision of the Public Council will be shortly sent to the City Council for inclusion into the action plan for the implementation of the strategy in the next four years.

The meeting of the Council was attended by Head of the Agency for Development of Municipal Infrastructure of the Moscow Region V. E. Karetnikov.

JINR Director Academician V. A. Matveev delivered a speech at the meeting. He noted: “When we talk about key issues of the development of the science city, including the development of new facilities, it is clear that the creation of the social infrastructure of the Institute and the city is possible only by joint efforts. That is why on behalf of the Directorate, of our entire multinational team, I would like to express gratitude to the Dubna City Administration ready for active discussions of these issues with us. Close cooperation with the city is our guarantee that we will be able to look to the future with optimism and make up our plans. And of course, to continue our cooperation.”

JINR Vice-Director RAS Corresponding Member V. D. Kekelidze highly evaluated the report made by the Head of the City Administration: “Great work has been done, and even more great work is ahead. I would like to highlight the importance of one more issue: schools in English. We want to remain at the top scientific level, but the brightest scientists from the United States of America, Europe, Japan being at their most productive years, when their children go to school, will not come to us. It means that we are cutting off a group of the best scientists. But we would like to invite the best of the best. And one more touch. As beautiful as our Dubna is in summer, so ugly is its winter appearance with dirt under the feet. We have partially started to use granite chips in our laboratory, so it has become cleaner… So, we would like not to be ashamed of the city in winter… And something should be done with cars: Dubna ceases to be a clean city.”

Academician G. V. Trubnikov, JINR First Vice-Director: “I like that we are beginning to treat this document not as a formal piece of writing but as a common activity we feel responsible for. In addition to the cleanliness of the streets, we would like to improve the lightening. Nowadays, almost the entire city is equipped with energy-saving lamps, and it has now a completely different look. However, what is missing on the streets is some visualisation related to city enterprises. For example, a person comes to “Raduga” and sees a beautiful stand praising this engineering design bureau. For the 60th anniversary of JINR, we had an idea to place models of some of our facilities made of glowing tubes in traffic circles. Or the symbols of chemical elements discovered in Dubna.”

The JINR Public Council in its decision noted the systematic implementation of the action plan aimed to implement the socio-economic development strategy of the Dubna science city in 2017 – 2026 in terms of priority issues for the development of the city and supported the necessity to make amendments to the action plan. The Public Council paid attention of the Council of Deputies and the Dubna City Administration to the necessity of more active development of objects of the social infrastructure of the city: provision of various levels of education in English, including in the interests of foreign employees of the Institute and guests of the city; increase in the number of scientific and educational objects for both science popularization and increase of the tourist attractiveness of the city; the creation of modern sports objects, such as bike paths, ski tracks, ice rinks thus to meet the needs of employees of the Institute, Dubna citizens and guests as well as to increase the tourism attractiveness of Dubna.

Director of the Moscow Regional Physics and Mathematics Lyceum named after Academician V. G. Kadyshevsky Yu. P. Kurlapov spoke about the progress in the creation of the Lyceum in Dubna. The concept of the new educational organization presented by the Director was supplemented with the comments by A. V. Tamonov, G. V. Trubnikov, V. A. Matveev. In its decision, the Public Council noted the importance of the creation of the Moscow Regional Physics and Mathematics Lyceum named after Academician V. G. Kadyshevsky and supported its further activities.

Director of the JINR University Centre S. Z. Pakuliak gave examples of the favourable experience of cooperation between JINR and the Dubna City Administration in the field of education. And to continue and consolidate everything achieved at the meeting, JINR Director V. A. Matveev and Head of the Dubna City Administration M. N. Danilov signed an Agreement between JINR and the Dubna City Administration on educational issues.

Evgeny Molchanov, JINR Weekly Newspaper
Photos by Elena Puzynina